Billings, Montana

Billings, MT

1603 Grand Ave #135
Billings, MT
Phone: 406-256-7311
Hours: 8AM – 9PM
7 Days a Week

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Billings is where your genuine Montana adventure begins! Nestled between the banks of the Yellowstone River and the sprawling Rimrocks, enjoy small town charm in the state’s largest city. Head out to see where General Custer’s last stand took place, where William Clark etched his name in stone on the great Lewis & Clark Expedition, or take in some fine dining, craft cocktails, a show or one of the many events frequenting our arena. Whatever you do, relax and have fun with friends and family—it’s the Montana way.

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Lucky’s leads the way in offering the highest quality local fresh produce, a delicious deli featuring chef-created foods, delectable craft sandwiches and a wide range of homemade selections.

Our meat department showcases quality local offerings. Humanely processed, antibiotic free and containing no preservatives, we not only personally walk the fields of our ranches, we also make our own house-made sausages, cure our own nitrate-free bacon and smoke some of the best ribs and chicken you’ll slap your taste buds on.