It could be a parent. A friend. A spouse. Or the neighbor across the fence. There’s always one person we listen to. Someone whose opinion we value. Someone we trust to steer us in the right direction but not give us a hard time if we don’t always go there. And that’s a lot like who we are, except we have a little bit of a wild streak.


We steer people in the right direction when it comes to eating better food. Because that’s a subject we’re very knowledgeable about. And we want to share that knowledge. But we’re also realistic.


We’ll never judge and we refuse to deliver our knowledge from a soapbox. We’ll never tell someone “I told you so” even if they eat an entire plate of nachos. We get it. We’ve done it. We’re not going to cop a holier-than-thou attitude or make snarky comments if you want a Coke. We’ll even have one with you. If it’s fun, we’re in.


One more thing. Like our founders Trish and Bo, we’re cockeyed optimists. Because we’re crazy enough to think we can make people’s lives a little bit better. Because we give a darn.