New Products


  • Why? On the Go Herbal Sprays. Because taking herbs can be easy!

  • Why?  Oregon’s Wild Harvest is committed to whole herbal supplements which are high quality, potency and purity. And they’re scientifically tested on many different levels. Which is good news for your health and the planet.

  • Why? Black elderberry extract supports a healthy immune system. Get it in a spray, syrup, or gummy.

  • Why? Tested for purity with only the best ingredients, this foam bath is crafted with balancing jojoba and gentle coconut cleansers leaving skin soft and silk and smooth.

  • Why?  Feel renewed, refreshed, and relaxed. These bath salts contain dead sea salt, evaporated sea salt, mineral salts, epsom salts, and essential oils.

  • Why?  Help keep the good vibes around and bad vibes at bay with this new aura smudge spray. Provides all the benefits of sage smudging without the smoke!

  • Why?  These soaps gently exfoliate your skin while cleansing. Every purchase you make from pacha helps contribute to clean water initiatives, small-scale soap shops and other sustainable ventures in developing countries!

  • Why?  Hemp stem cell body care? We’re in! Discover your pure, natural beauty with this nourishing botanical body care. Balance and uplift your body, mind, and spirit.


  • Why?  Juniper Ridge body washes create a shower experience! Clean ingredient panel, extraordinary scents.