What’s Paleo?

Have you ever thought, “there’s too much processed food!”, “I can’t eat this, what is this?”, “I wonder what cavemen ate…?” Don’t worry, these questions have been asked before. The answer? Paleo. The Paleo Diet is a nutrient-dense whole foods diet based on getting back to our primal roots (rawr!) and what our ancestors used to eat, non-processed foods! Or anything we used to hunt or gather. It focuses on eating lean and clean proteins, veg, fruits and healthy fats.

It’s value

This diet does have a point. Processed foods, sugar-laden beverages, carb heavy meals and you know, dessert have taken over while nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods have fallen by the wayside. So just by eating Paleo, you will be eating a clean diet without preservatives and additives. And though you have to cut out sugar (NOOOO), know that there is plenty of fruit, vegetables, and nuts to keep you sane, also you’d be like, on such an anti-inflammatory kick and that’s real healthy.

The drawbacks

To some experts, the most questionable part about the diet is that it cuts out grains and legumes. The benefits of legumes outweigh their bad parts and cooking them eliminates most of their anti-nutrient components. Beans, beans, they are good for your heart… Similarly, grains are thought to contribute to inflammation and other health issues. But unless you suffer from celiac disease or a wheat/gluten intolerance, research shows that there are many benefits to eating whole grains and they don’t necessarily contribute to inflammation. Also, bread is good…

Paleo does offer a clean, nutrient diet, but as with any diet, it’s worth thinking about what foods you are keeping and what you are cutting out to make sure it’s the right fit for you.