Turmeric is a friend that can help you on the inside and outside.

Also called sri kamya, which means “the one who bestows happiness and prosperity,” turmeric is a bright yellow spice that holds incredible healing powers. When used regularly in cooking (orin supplement form), turmeric supports multiple areas of health and wellness: Turmeric is one of the best herbs for easing pain and inflammation. The spice enhances your digestive system by making your food more appetizing. Turmeric’s cleansing effect helps free you from toxicity while fighting excess fat and ulcers. After it is digested, turmeric purifies your blood. Small, regular doses of turmeric are of real benefit if you suffer from anemia or any other blood-based disease. Turmeric has fabulous anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects. healing botanicals

Turmeric is drying. Since ayurveda believes that obesity and diabetes are caused by too much of the water element in the body, turmeric’s drying effects are thought to help with weight loss and diabetes. For those with thrush, recurring sore throat, oral herpes, or any other kind of oral infection or throat issue, boil a pinch or two of turmeric in a pot of water and drink hot. Turmeric will help clear your lungs of obstructions. A potent healing tonic for those suffering from post-accident trauma is whole milk cooked with turmeric and a little honey, if desired. Golden milk products are essentially the same thing but also contain additional ingredients such as cardamom, ashwagandha, and dates. Turmeric powder mixed with water makes a refreshing and effective mouthwash alternative.

Beauty Benefits & Other Topical Uses

Anytime you need a makeover, turmeric is there to help. This spice is known for enhancing your complexion and is widely used in cosmetics to minimize dark spots and blemishes. It’s great for combating acne and wrinkles too. Eating turmeric and applying it topically (mix a small amount with water or milk and use it as a face wash) can greatly improve your skin’s complexion, tone, and texture. I love washing my face in the morning with a mixture of a pinch of turmeric, red sandalwood powder, and neem powder. Turmeric arrests bleeding when applied externally and works as a wonderful antiseptic and anti-itch solution. In fact, turmeric is so beneficial for wound healing that in India, Johnson & Johnson manufactured a special turmeric-infused Band-Aid. For cuts and bruises, simply make a paste with turmeric powder and a little water and apply directly to the wound.

Article excerpted with permission from The Ayurveda Way by Ananta Ripa Ajmera. Article was also featured in our October 2017 Health & Happiness Issue.