2018 1st Quarter Bags for Change Nominees – North Boulder


Dance 2B Free
Dance To Be Free (DTBF) Shares the healing power of dance with women in prison nationwide. Through a DVD and Teacher-Training program, DTBF uses dance as the healing vehicle for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms. Using cathartic choreography and emotional music, they change the trajectory of women in prison through the healing power of collective dance.

Nederland Area Seniors Center
Nederland Area Seniors, Inc. assists senior citizens in enhancing their quality of life, enabling them to live a life of respect and honor. This is accomplished through the facilitation of nutrition, transportation, education, recreation, socialization and outreach programs for all seniors living in the Nederland area.

Colorado High School Cycling League
The Colorado High School Cycling League serves students in Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. The League provides students with exceptional mountain biking opportunities with the goal of building strong minds, bodies, and character one pedal stroke at a time.

EFAA helps those in our community whose immediate needs for food, shelter and other basic necessities cannot be adequately met by other means, and supports their efforts toward financial stability or self-sufficiency.

UpRoot Colorado