2018 1st Quarter Bags for Change Nominees – Tallahassee


Alzheimer’s Project
Alzheimer’s Project, Inc. is dedicated to providing relief to the caregivers of persons suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias. Alzheimer’s Project, Inc. provides GPS device through Project LifeSaver for individuals who have a history of wandering as a result of Alzheimer’s Disease, children with autism or other cognitive impairments. These devices give families the peace of mind knowing there is a way to locate a loved one who wanders. Donations raised would go to support the batteries and bands needed to maintain the operation of the device. Bands and batteries are changed 6 times a year. The cost per person is $19.00 a year, and we currently assist 85 individuals at any one time.


Big Bend Homeless Coalition
The Big Bend Homeless Coalition’s HOPE Community is the area’s largest family emergency shelter. HOPE Community works to end family homelessness by providing residents with tools for employment and education, assistance with housing options, and access to supportive services. The necessities of daily life such as meals, laundry, and security are also provided. HOPE takes a comprehensive approach to promoting each family’s long-term self-sufficiency. Every year, over 70% of HOPE’s residents return to stable housing. Donations raised would go to support adults through the program. It costs $1,500 per resident per year to exit homelessness and return to stable housing.


PACE Center for Girls Leon County
PACE provides girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy. We are the only non-residential gender-specific, not-for-profit prevention program in Leon County, FL that provides education & wrap around social services to at risk girls. Donations raised would support the supplies for the 70 girls for the HEaling with ART (HEART) Program launching February 2018. An additional $4,600 is needed for the program. The program requires art supplies and mixed media supplies. HEART will provide arts education by increasing opportunities for girls to engage in hands on arts activities, improve the overall quality of their educational experience and provide healing for girls who’ve experienced trauma. The girls will participate in daily arts activities and culturally enriching arts related field trips. The girls will work with Art Therapists and interact with skilled artists to provide consistent, enriching arts activities such as painting, sculpture, singing, dance, drumming, spoken word, etc. Studies show the power of art when used to help heal trauma. 70% of PACE girls have a history of trauma–from childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, family violence, dating violence & even violence in the community. It takes a lot of effort for the brain to deal with trauma–it’s constantly on high-alert, particularly in its lower regions where survival instincts originate. Artistic activities like drawing or sculpting clay soothe lower regions, which can help trauma victims calm down & release mental tension. Art raises trauma survivors’ awareness of their physical & mental states & builds resilience. Music, art, dance & other creative activities aide in the healing process for the girls.


Oasis Center for Women & Girls
Oasis Center for Women & Girl’s mission is to improve the lives of women and girls through celebration and support. Oasis programs focus on personal, professional, and economic concerns facing women, girls, and their families. Donations raised would go to support Girls Can Do Anything! Summer Camp. This unique summer day-camp showcases women’s leadership through fun, experiential activities for girls ages 5-13. Campers build self-esteem and develop a vision for who they want to be, while learning through local women leading in their fields, like science and technology, business, art, health, and history. Girls also give back to the community and learn the power of service. There’s plenty of summer fun mixed in – roller skating and swimming – and lots of field trips! The camp is offered on a sliding scale to ensure accessibility, and girls are supported in making new friends. In 2017, Lucky’s shoppers helped 70 girls participate in Girls Can Do Anything! Summer Camp. Each week, 25 girls broaden their horizons through 3-4 field trips and related activities. Over the seven-week period, field trips cost $335 per camper.