Eyes bigger than your stomach? Our work here is done.

That’s the reason our talented group gets up early every morning to fresh bake all these tempting cookies, pastries and breads.

They never use artificial colors, flavors or preservatives because everything tastes better that way. Besides, who needs fake ingredients to preserve baked goods that get snatched up so quickly there’s nothing left than a few random crumbs and a bunch of satisfied smiles?


And make sure you stop at our Hearth Bread Table for fresh, old-school rustic breads. We’ll cut it for you right there. Or you can choose from our large variety of local, regional and national sandwich breads. Whether it’s white, wheat, or rye, organic and/or Non GMO, we’ve got you covered.

After you’ve chosen your bread, take a look at our large variety of sweet and delicious pastries and doughnuts. We dare you to not ask for a sample. It’s okay; we do it ourselves all the time. We’re only human.