Lucky’s Community Impact Program is an ongoing endeavor to create lasting change in the communities we serve. This means we support projects, organizations, and initiatives that focus on healthy communities, youth & education, sustainability and resilience.


Nourishing our communities and the individuals within it.
We aim to enhance the lives of our community members through cooking classes, nutrition education, literacy services, and health and wellness programs. Through these partnerships, we hope to work together to develop new skills and improve the overall health of our communities.


Keeping our planet healthy one garden at a time.
We actively work to support local agriculture, conservation, and education efforts in our communities. We’re also known to get our hands dirty with our neighbors to restore trails and bike paths, build gardens, and plant trees. Together, we want to keep our planet healthy – after all, we only have one!


Empowering kids to build healthy futures.
The youth in our communities are the leaders of tomorrow. Through health and nutrition programs, tutoring and mentorship support, and gathering supplies for kids in need, we hope to help educate and empower the next generation.


Supporting our neighbors when they need it the most.
We aim to strengthen the organizations that serve our community members during difficult times. We work to develop long-term partnerships with food banks, homeless shelters, senior programs, and other important resources.


Ready to see how working together can create an even better community? Simply visit our FAQs page or Apply online right away! We look forward to hearing your ideas.