Making a Difference in Your Community


Lucky’s Community Impact Program is an ongoing endeavor to create lasting change in the communities we serve. We look for partners in two ways: those doing work “on the ground” serving our neighbors and those who want to make an impact in our neighbors’ lives. It’s not just Lucky’s Market on our own trying to enact change; we’re joining with neighbors who, like you, are interested in bringing resources to our common table to serve those most in need.



Bring your reusable bags to make change in your community.

Every time you bring a reusable bag to our store, you will receive a wooden dime for each one used. Our loyal customers then have the opportunity to donate that dime to their choice of a local nonprofit organization. At the end of the quarter, we’ll double the amount raised.

How Does It Work?

Each time you shop with a reusable bag, you’ll have the opportunity to either take 10 cents off your purchase or donate 10 cents to a local nonprofit. There are three nonprofits for each store that change quarterly. Are you a nonprofit interested in being considered for Bags for Change? Please fill out an online application.



A day dedicated to making an impact for one local nonprofit.
One day each quarter, 10% of that day’s sales are donated to a local nonprofit who is making change within one of our four areas of focus. This day is a chance for our community to come together and rally their support by shopping our store to make an impact towards Healthy Communities, Youth & Education, Resilience, or Sustainability.

How Does It Work?

On this day, we act as the community liaison between our customers and the designated nonprofit. We encourage our partners to set up a table in our store for that day to share their mission and encourage others to get involved.

To be considered for any of our in-store programs, please fill out an online application.

10% For Good


See that L on the Label? That stands for Lucky you.
If something has the big red Lucky’s L on it, you know we’ve brought out our best. It’s not only going to taste great, it’s going to be at a price that’s just as appetizing. To take that one step further, when you purchase our private label products, ten percent of the profits for your purchase will be reinvested back into the communities we serve.



Nonprofit organizations may purchase Lucky’s Market fundraising gift cards at a 7% discount. The nonprofit may then sell the cards at face value, retaining the 7%. There is a $100 minimum card purchase. This program is very successful and used by many schools, and nonprofits organizations as fundraisers. Please, fill out an online application and include the amount of your gift card order, along with the number and increments ($25 cards, $50 cards and $100 cards) you would like. The store will contact you when your cards have arrived.



We donate gift cards to nonprofits on a rolling basis to be used to purchase product needed for events, to be used in a silent auction, to raffle off, and more. If you’re a 501c3 nonprofit interested in getting a gift card donated, please fill out an application at least 5 weeks in advance.



Are you a certified nonprofit looking for volunteers to support your next event or project? We want to help! Please contact the store directly to let them know about the upcoming opportunity, or you can drop off a flyer requesting volunteers, that can be posted for the team members in their break room.