Did you know that Americans throw away roughly 40% of all food that is produced?  This organic matter collecting in our landfills produces 20% of all methane emissions; a potent greenhouse gas that contributes considerably to climate change.

You can get involved by connecting with some of your local resources found here: https://www.epa.gov/sustainable-management-food/wasted-food-programs-and-resources-across-united-states or by reducing food waste at home.

Tips for reducing food waste at home

  • Plan your Grocery Trip
    • Plan your weekly meals and recipes ahead of time, while also including a free day for leftovers. Pro Tip: Use the Shopping List feature in our Rewards App to organize your list alongside our sale items, coupons, and any rewards you have earned.
  • Properly Store Food
    • Storing food can dramatically extend the shelf life of the ingredient. Pro Tip: Berries and peeled bananas can be moved to the freezer and used later in your favorite smoothie.
      • Click Here to download a Produce Guide to hang on your fridge. (I included an image below. Let’s use this, or our own version)
    • Investigate those Expiration Dates
      • Sometimes “Use By”, “Sell By”, and “Best By” dates can be confusing. Take the listed dates as a general guide and use the smell test, or your own best judgement, before deciding to throw something away. Pro Tip: When it comes to leftovers, a 2-4-day shelf life in the fridge is a good rule before moving them into the freezer.
    • Donate to Your Local Food Bank
    • Compost
      • Composting for your garden is a great way to keep food scraps out of the landfill.
        • Click Here for a downloadable guide on the Composting Do’s and Don’ts. (Info listed below. Let’s create our own 2up here)
      • Create Your Own Waste Audit
        • Save your receipts and use them as a guide to monetize the items you throw away. Keep a monthly log to estimate how much food you buy ends up in the trash. Pro Tip: You can access your Lucky’s Market receipts digitally through our Rewards App.