Local vendors are our neighbors.


They’re the folks who jump in to bring the party. Who have a cool recipe, loaf of bread or a story to share—usually all of the above.


Like our vendors, we come from a long line of community-minded pioneers who love food. We’re passionate about bringing the best quality products we can find to our local communities. Think of us as the country roadside stand of fresh tomatoes or the chef’s table in a kitchen dishing up delicious fare. Our doors are wide open to welcome everyone who’s interested in being a part of the big picture.


We’re changing perceptions and creating inclusion, and that begins with you. Because together, we’re going to make this thing really big. We’ll also make life a little more delicious in the process. So whether your hens are ready to create your nest egg, or your pork can help you to bring in the bacon, we’re here.  And we want to help provide each community with the best things the area has to offer.

Interested in becoming a vendor? Click here to apply.