Not everyone loves meat. Those people would be called: not us.


It’s cool if you don’t eat meat. To each their own. Heck, the Team Member who built this website doesn’t. But, if you do eat meat, we know you take it seriously. That’s why we have a team of butchers in each store ready to cut, season and wrap it anyway you want. We also know you want choices. So we provide that too – from all-natural, grass-fed beef to beef that’s never, ever been given hormones or antibiotics.


USDA CHOICE BEEF – We’re proud to offer USDA Choice hormone-free beef. Born & raised here in the USA, this beef has not been administered any form of antibiotic while under the care of our partner ranchers. Lucky’s USDA Choice beef is all-natural and 100% vegetarian fed for maximum flavor. Buttery USDA Prime is available as well!


NEVER-EVER GRASS-FED BEEF – We love the unique flavor of grass-fed beef. That’s why we offer a lot of it. Lucky’s grass fed cattle only eat grass – nothing else their entire life…Nada. They are also never fed antibiotics or added growth hormones. This is truly some of the healthiest beef you can buy!


ALL-NATURAL GRASS-FED LAMB – New Zealand’s climate provides lush grasses throughout the year making it the finest place to raise grass fed lamb. Lucky’s grass fed lamb is raised without the use of hormones and is super flavorful and tender.


NEVER-EVER PORK – Our antibiotic free pork is 100% vegetarian fed, with no artificial growth stimulants used…ever. Our partner ranchers raise our pork without the use of gestation crates and the hogs are group housed in a spacious setting.


ORGANIC CHICKEN – Straight up, you’d be hard pressed to find a better, tastier chicken at any grocery store in the country. Our partner ranchers are focused on doing it right. And their efforts lead to amazing flavor. These birds are raised free range. They’re never fed antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or animal by-products. It all makes for a wonderfully flavorful chicken you can feel good about!


OUR SMOKED IN-HOUSE BACON – This is what gets us out of bed each morning. We’re so obsessed with our bacon we even cut a ceremonial slab to celebrate the opening of each new Lucky’s Market store. Ribbons are for vegetarians. Every day we slowly and lovingly cure and smoke our bacon right in the store. It’s our own recipes free of synthetic nitrates and nitrites, and only from the highest quality pork. Fry it, bake it, grill it, we know you’ll love it.