Applying For A Gift Card Donation

Gift Card Donations

Though we’d love to help everyone, please note that you must be a 501c3 verified non-profit doing work within our areas of focus: Healthy Communities, Youth & Education, Sustainability, and Resilience.

Again, we do not fund international focused organizations; political or religious organizations, workshops, conventions, or conferences; foundations who allocate funds to other organizations; schools without 501c3 PTO/A’s; or individuals for any reason.

Please fill out the application 5 weeks or more in advance of when you would need the gift card.

Please fill out this application if you’re interested in receiving a gift card donation or in applying for the SCRIP gift card fundraising program. If the store is able to fulfill your request, you’ll receive an email before your event to coordinate pick-up.

To fill out this form you’ll need: your W9, your 501C3 status letter from the IRS, and about 20 minutes (you’ll need to fill it out in one sitting).

Apply for a gift card donation.