A: We offer conventional produce so we can offer a variety of items to our customers. When most people today do not get their 3 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, we feel it is important to have this full selection of produce items and competitive prices for our customers – giving healthy options to all.
While we offer a great selection of organic produce, we offer conventional produce to ensure you have access to a variety of affordable options. This may include “no spray” or “low spray” produce, as well as local produce that may have been grown organically, but by a farmer that cannot afford to complete the certification process to label their products as Organic. We may also choose to have a conventional item when an Organic variety is not available, to ensure that we have the option available rather than be missing an item completely.
A: We have Genetically Modified Organisms in our crosshairs, but we need the help of the government and producers to pull the trigger. We’re excited to see advances made to product labeling, but we’re hoping for more. Knowing where your food comes from is the first step in a happy healthy lifestyle, with or without GMOs.
A: Depends on who you ask, of course. But yes… all of our meat (beef, chicken, turkey and pork) in our Meat Departments are third-party audited to certify humane handling. Certified Humane is one organization that certifies our meats.
A: Visit www.luckysmarketdelivers.com for grocery delivery.
A: We do sell gift cards. They are only sold in our stores at this time.
A: Please call your local store to have a team member perform a balance inquiry.
A: We sure do.
A: Yes, bulk it up! You can bring your own container and have it weighed by a cashier before you fill it up. We only offer this option in our bulk section as of now. Learn more here.
A: Lots of them! We particularly dig the Tofurky Italian Style Sausage. Trust us, you should try it.