Emmanuel Poage

Billy Dearing, Columbia Store Director

Emmanuel Poage

Emmanuel is originally from Rock Hill, South Carolina but was raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  He graduated from the University of Chapel Hill in 1989.  His family owns several gas stations and convenience stores which is how he got into retail and by extension the grocery game.  Since his youth, he’s had an interest in learning more about the retail industry and has aspired to work for a Fortune 500 company.  His passion for the grocery aspect of retail grew when serving as a Produce Manager for Walmart.  He joined the Lucky’s family when he was hired as an Assistant Store Director at our Panama City location before moving into his new role as Store Director with the Tallahassee team.

When not focused on all things retail, Emmanuel enjoys bowling. He’s had 15 perfect games which has made him achieve the highest score of 300 in the game!  Wow!  To put that into context, the odds of an adult male bowling a 300 game are 11,500 to one!  What??!!! He enjoys traveling to bowling tournaments in the pursuit of his strike.  Go get it!  Emmanuel’s favorite food is seafood.  He enjoys all genres of music and has a particular fondness to gospel.

Emmanuel has three beautiful children:  Alexander, Emmanuel and Nyhara.  Alexander is the oldest of the trio and lives in Fayetteville.  Emmanuel is in the Navy and is stationed in Hawaii.  And Nyhara lives in Puerto Rico.

When we asked Emmanuel, “Why Lucky’s?” he responded with, “I love the Lucky’s culture.  Moving from North Carolina to Florida was big for me as I’d never been that far from my family.  But, after moving to Panama City and going through Hurricane Michael, the team there made me realize that family is not always blood related.  Going through the hurricane was rough to say the least.  But, seeing firsthand what Bo and the company did for the Team Members in Panama City after the storm made me realize not only that this was the right move, but this was definitely the right company to grow my career with.”