Grilled Cheese 101

Sure, your mom might have made a great grilled cheese when you were growing up…


…but it’s now 2018 and the days of generic white bread and American cheese are long behind us. We’re here to teach you the art that goes into creating the perfect grilled cheese. We call it: The Golden Standard.

Creating the Perfect Grilled Cheese

Step 1: Let’s start with the vessel of the sandwich… the bread. What you want at the end of the day is a light and crispy outside, and a soft, butter-soaked inside holding the cheese in place. For “The Golden Standard” or a more classic grilled cheese, we like sourdough. There are a lot of other breads that work great for grilled cheese sandwiches, but remember, the thicker the bread the longer it needs to cook to melt the cheese. You’ll want to cook your sandwich on a medium to medium-low heat. The goal is to slowly cook the bread to a golden brown, while simultaneously melting your cheese. If your pan is too hot, you run the risk of toasting your bread (or burning it) before your cheese has a chance to melt.

Step 2: Next step (and here’s where people go wrong), do not butter your bread, instead, butter the pan. You need two decent size pats of butter (one for each slice of bread). Put the 2 pats butter on a preheated pan and move it around until it melts to the size of your bread, returning the remaining butter to the middle of the circle. Then you place your bread in the middle of buttery-circle and move it around. The butter will evenly coat the exterior of the bread and soak through into the interior. The key is to perfectly buttery bread is to keep moving the bread around in the pan so that it cooks evenly.

Step 3: Now, while both slices of bread are cooking, load up the cheese evenly between the two slices. This lets the cheese melt separately and allows you to add any additional toppings to your sandwich (we suggest our award-winning, Lucky’s Original Bacon).

Step 4: Once the cheese is ooey and gooey, take a peek under the bread. Once its golden brown, flip one slice onto the other slice and gently press down so the cheeses melt into each other. Remove from heat. Let cool for one minute before cutting so that the cheese settles in place. Then dig in and eat up. Your mom would be so proud.

The Golden Standard Grilled Cheese