Cooking for the holidays can be hard. We think it shouldn’t be.

That’s why we put together an epic Holiday Toolkit to make things just a little bit easier. We’ve thought of everything. We’ve got a signup sheet to keep track of who’s bringing what, so there isn’t nine bowls of mashed potatoes and no gravy on the big day. Say goodbye to those last minute scrambles because Dad forgot the cranberries – we created a shopping list, so nothing gets forgotten at the store. Don’t have time to do all the cooking yourself? No problem, we’ve got you covered with a full selections of appetizers, sides, or pick up the entire meal – a fully cooked bird and all. Wondering how much food to get? We’ve got a cheat sheet to make sure everyone has a happy belly, and there aren’t too many leftovers. And finally, we’ve got all of the reheating instructions. Timing is everything, after all.