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Company Information

Lucky’s Market was started in 2003 by two chefs, Trish and Bo Sharon, when they bought a convenience store in Boulder, Colo. The Sharons shared a vision of creating a grocery store where food lovers like themselves would want to shop, with quality products sold at affordable prices with genuine personal service. Today, those goals are the hallmarks of the Lucky’s style and Lucky’s Market now has 35 stores in 11 states.



If you are a member of the media and would like to visit one of our stores to take photos or video, interview a customer, or talk with one of our team members, please get in touch with Krista at our Home Support Office first.


Krista Torvik

[email protected]



If you’d just like to sample our in-house smoked bacon, sour gummy worms or foods from the hot bar or gourmet cheese island, just go ahead and stop by your local Lucky’s Market. And, remember to bring some reusable bags because if you’re like us, you may over-shop.