Quality Standards

Our Never Ever Promise

If something has the big red Lucky’s L on it, you know we’ve brought out our best. It’s not only going to taste great, it’s going to be at a price that’s just as appetizing.

First, we taste test everything to make sure it meets our high standards. We know, some people have all the luck. Then, once it makes it through that gauntlet of taste buds, we work to bring it to you at prices that might cause you to inadvertently run your grocery cart into the unsuspecting person in front of you. Sorry about that. But we had to do it because that is our mission – to bring you higher quality than you’d expect at prices lower than you would expect. It’s in our DNA.

So look for our rapidly expanding line of big red L private label products. You can be sure they met the following standards long before reaching our shelves: No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Taste tested. Great value.