The Perfect Picnic


2 packs 5 oz pack Fiorucci Prosciutto Panino
1/2 pound Somerdale Red Dragon (mustard infused cheddar cheese)
1/2 pound Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper sheep milk cheese
1 cantaloupe sliced into wedges
1 honeydew melon sliced into wedges
1 Made-in-house berry medley
1/2 pound raw bulk mixed nuts
2 Kale cakes (cut in half)
1 16oz Yee Haw Pickle Company Pickles
1 pound seedless grapes
1 container Lucky’s Market kalamata olives
1 box Lucky’s Market flatbread crackers (olive oil & grey salt)


Cut up the cheese, baguette, cantaloupe and honeydew melon. Cut kale cakes in half to share. Wash cherries and grapes. Serve on a platter or pack everything up for a picnic.