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Pacha Soap Co. Display

Now that’s kind of a chicken or egg question, isn’t it? You can’t have one without the other. The same is true for health and happiness.

That’s why Lucky’s Market Apothecary Department offers a wide variety of healthy living products that are as dynamic and exciting as the people who use them. You’ll find everything from immune health options to body care, even the over-the-counter remedies your family needs.

Sample the latest protein and green drinks. Or enjoy a little pampering from vendors who demonstrate products you can touch, taste, smell and experience first-hand. And because samples and coupons are also available, you can try before you buy and savor while you save. Lucky’s shelves and knowledgeable staff have you covered from head to toe.

Like our other departments, our Apothecary section promotes local ingredients and businesses whenever possible. If you have a local product you’d like to get into our store, we’ll do what we can to make it happen.

The Apothecary

What came first, health or happiness?

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