Lucky's Market Produce Department

Our Produce

Produce to the people.


It’s impossible to cook delicious food without great ingredients. And that’s exactly what we offer our customers, but at prices you can’t afford to miss. It all starts with fresh, delicious produce. We are committed to bringing you the best in town. So our produce department is constantly searching for amazing value on organic and locally grown produce every day.


We believe in supporting our local farmers whenever we can. And if that means digging our hands in the dirt, we’re all for it. That’s why we take field trips to better understand where our food comes from. We do it for a lot of reasons. To ensure you get the freshest ingredients. To help keep money inside the communities we serve. And, perhaps most importantly, to be an advocate for the countless farmers who are out there working hard for a living.


We take our hats off to them and know the best way we can show them our appreciation is to bring their products into our stores. So come in and take a trip through our produce department. You’ll quickly find you can get more greens for less green.


And if you’re a farmer who’s interested in selling produce to us, or know one who might be, click on the Local Legend banner to the left.



Eat good food. Be kind. Enjoy the ride.