Lucky's Market Grocer Departmn


All your natural and organic favorites. Plus a few of those other brands you grew up with.


At Lucky’s, we’re all about natural and organic. But we’re also for food that’s just good, old-fashioned good food. Made with the kind of ingredients your grandma used in her recipes. She knew what she was doing and we are not about to get crosswise with your grandma.


So our grocery department caters to all our customers and their wide-ranging palates. You’ll find everything from 100% raw and vegan goodies to Cheerios and Campbell’s.


It’s all there. Tried and true family favorites to all-natural, certified organic, GMO-free foods. We even have pet care – any best friend of yours is a best friend of ours. We’re also working hard to expand our already large selection of gluten-free items. Often, when someone learns of a gluten intolerance, it changes more than the way they eat, it changes the way the whole family eats.


Finally, we relate first hand to the passion and effort it takes to start a small business. That’s why our shelves are known as the launching pad for many new companies.


Are you running a local business with products that you think need to be on our shelves? We would love to hear from you.


Our dairy farmers promise never to treat their cows with rGBH if you promise to never drink out of the carton. (Sorry, your mom made us add that last part.)


MILK – We only work with farmers who pledge to not treat their dairy cows with rBGH. We know, that abbreviation looks like something out of your high school chemistry book. Probably because it is. rBGH stands for Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone. It’s a genetically engineered growth hormone that is sometimes injected into cows to increase their milk production. Not cool.


While it may produce more milk, studies have shown it puts the cows at greater risk for health problems. Some also believe it puts those who drink it at greater risk, too. It’s something we don’t feel comfortable giving it to our kids, so we are not going to sell it in our stores.


KEFIR AND YOGURT – Not only do yogurt and kefir provide important, live bacteria for digestive health, they’re a superb source of calcium, protein and those important B vitamins. That’s why they call them “good for your belly” items. And if it’s good for your belly, it’s gotta be good for you.


EGGS – We only sell cage-free eggs (or better) supplied from local farms, organic farms and from trusted national brands. You'll find the same standards in our Bakehouse and Café as well.