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Some people call it buying in bulk, we prefer the term XL Savings.

If there’s one thing people just love about buying in bulk, it’s that you get to shop on your own terms. We offer the value and affordability you need with the variety and quality you deserve.


It’s a little like accessorizing your pantry. Like bringing the bling, an ounce (or a pound) at a time.


It’s about reusing your favorite containers for a greener tomorrow. It’s about buying only what you need based on your very own space-time continuum. It’s a little like magic. Kind of.


If it’s shelf stable and available locally, we’ve probably got it. And with literally hundreds of items, you’ll find yourself wandering those aisles wondering what you’ll try next.


And we love to help. That’s why we offer classes, recipes, demonstrations and walkabouts, anything and everything dedicated to all things bulk. So whether you’re looking for gluten-free flour, a new soup mix to shake up dinner or just want to keep your budget balanced, bulk is beautiful.

New to the Bulk scene?

Well, welcome to the money-saving party! Check out the infographic below and learn how to shop our bulk department.

Lucky's Market How To Bulk Infographc


You should start new traditions, like eating healthier or streaking fully clothed at a nudist colony.