Lucky's Market Kitchen

From Our Kitchen

You want to know why everything tastes so good, but it’s hard to ask with your mouth full.


That’s okay, we’ll answer anyway. The reason our prepared foods far exceed most expectations from a grocery store is because Lucky’s was founded by two chefs, Bo and Trish.


So they made sure our deli was the magnetic food pole for all things quality, yummy and bursting with flavor. And like our other departments, we promote local ingredients whenever possible to make it easy for you to get your hands on the tastiest local offerings.


Our deli covers the culinary spectrum of house-roasted meats and freshly prepared foods, including gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian offerings. There are dozens of inspired options for your ultimate nosh-a-little, pick-your-food, weigh-your-options, be-your-best meal planning self.


And because we frequently change things up, especially as the seasons change, you never know what delicious must-try item will be coming next. So go ahead, browse and sniff to your heart’s content. You’ll find healthy, fun choices the entire family will ask for again and again.


Now, aren’t you glad you asked?


IN-HOUSE DELI MEAT – Roasted and smoked right in our store, and sliced to your order, it’s perfect for every occasion.


FRESH-CRAFTED SANDWICHES TO ORDER – The best thing since, well…sliced bread. Served fresh, it’s all anyone can do to keep from sinking their teeth in one of our sandwiches even before leaving the store. It’s okay. We won’t tell. We can even prepare your sandwich while you shop.


You should approach cooking naked very carefully.