Frequently Asked Questions

Online Shopping

How much does Lucky’s Curbside Pick Up Cost?

The service costs $4.95 per order.

Is there a minimum order amount for Curbside Pick Up?

Yes, there is a minimum order of $50 per order.

What is the provisional hold?

We temporarily authorize your card for the higher of $5 or 10% of the item total. It helps account for charges like bottle deposit, final sales tax, and items sold by weight. As soon as your order is complete, we charge your card for exactly what was in your final order.

What forms of payment are accepted for online ordering?

Currently, you can pay using all major credit or debit cards online.

Who is shopping my order?

Each store has dedicated Lucky’s Market Personal Shoppers who are employed by Lucky’s Market.

How do I communicate with the shopper?

Your shopper with reach out via text message once they start shopping your order. They will be able to communicate about out of stocks and substitutions if needed.

Can I change my order after it has been submitted?

Up until the point your order is being shopped, you are able to update your order. You can update your order by clicking My Account, then My Orders. After clicking on your order number, you will be able to update accordingly.

What times are available for curbside pickup

Curbside pickup is available from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM every day.

When is the soonest I can place my order?

Orders can be placed no sooner than 2 hours in advance of pickup. The website and app will always show you any available pickup or delivery times at the banner at the top of the page and at time of checkout.

How do I know that my order has been received?

Once you submit your order online, you will be brought to a confirmation page with an order confirmation number. In addition, you will also receive a notification email with order details.

How do I know that my order is ready for pick up?

Once your order is ready for pickup, you will be notified via email that the order is ready.

Where do I pick up my order?

At each store, there are dedicated parking spots. Please refer to your notification email for specific instructions.

Does the Lucky’s Market website and app store my credit card information?

Our website is able to save credit card information, if preferred.

Can I shop the Weekly Ad?

Yes, by clicking the Weekly Ad in the Top Navigation Bar, you will be brought to the Weekly Ad. To take advantage of this pricing, your pickup must occur within the ad’s sale dates. You will always receive the same pricing available in our stores on the day of your pickup.

Do the prices differ in-store vs. online?

When you submit your order, your credit card will be authorized for the total order amount, including the order total, provisional hold, and pick-up fee. The final amount you will be charged will be based on the price of items in our stores on the day of pickup. The final amount charged will include the order total, pick-up fee, and the exact weight of any items sold by the pound.