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About Us

We all eat.
It’s the one thing we all share.

At Lucky's, we love good food. Not just natural and organic food, but the food that's so much a part of our fondest memories. The good stuff.

It’s just that somehow so much of the good stuff has become really expensive. Sold in stores that act like they’re doing you a big fat favor bringing it to you. And maybe they are, but they shouldn’t act like it. That’s why we started Lucky’s Market.


We believe good food shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a right. If you don’t want to eat things like pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones, you shouldn’t have to. Natural and organic food shouldn’t be priced out of your reach. We also have the crazy notion that we shouldn’t adopt a holier-than-thou attitude if your grandma’s recipe calls for something that doesn’t fit some people’s idea of what’s good for you.


So we created a store that will hook an entire generation on eating a little bit healthier. A store that does serious work, without taking itself too seriously. A store dedicated to good food. And making sure that everyone can enjoy it.


If this were a history book, we’d say Lucky’s Market was started by two chefs from Boulder, Colorado in 2003.

But it’s not a history book. It’s a website for a natural food store unlike no other. And a story about really good food and a really good idea.So we’re going to start with how Trish and Bo Sharon came up with a grocery store unlike any other. Trish and Bo were, in fact, two chefs. So they knew a lot about food. And a lot about where to get it…



They went to health food stores because they didn’t want pesticides and growth hormones. They explored weekend farmer’s markets for really fresh produce & gourmet stores because that’s where they found the world’s best flavors. They were always looking for good, wholesome food for themselves and their kids. Yet they still shopped at conventional stores for the traditional ingredients their grandmothers used to make the foods they grew up with. But something wasn’t sitting well.


Why did they have to shop at so many different places? Why did those places seem welcoming to some people, but not all people? And why did the highest quality food always come with the highest price tag? It didn’t feel right.


So Trish and Bo decided to do something about it. They didn’t care how everybody else did it. They wanted to do it right. So they created an entirely different kind of store. Lucky’s Market.

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